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Armin Strom

For connoisseurs, the name Armin Strom evokes the art of skeletonisation. In his thirty year career, the watch-maker produced more than 200 unique pieces and worked for some of the big brands. The company Armin Strom AG is founded in 2006, with the assistance of the investor Willy Michel. Its objective was to perpetuate the work of the founder. Its watches showcase movements with finishing carried out by hand. This style is one of the pillars of the company's philosophy.

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Armin Strom opens his workshop-boutique in the medieval city of Berthoud, in the canton of Berne.


Creation of the smallest ladies skeletonised watch.


Collaboration with Willy Michel, industrialist and watch enthusiast, to form Armin Strom AG.


Birth of the Skeleton Pure, four limited editions of one hundred watches (air, earth, water and fire).