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Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret can boast of a virtually unique trajectory since 1987. The production of exceptional movements and complications forms part of his history. His playful and audacious pieces leave nobody untouched. They bear witness to the ability of their creator to marry technology, innovation and emotion. His credo? "In watch-making, everything has been done, everything remains to be invented".

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Christophe Claret is born into a good Lyon society family. He very quickly develops a passion for watch-making.


During a visit to the Bale exhibition, Christophe Claret meets the Swiss industrialist Rolf Schynder who orders around twenty minute repeater movements with Jacquemart.


To mark twenty years of the brand, Christophe Claret launches the DualTow, a very complex watch intended for collectors.


The watch-maker adds a new card to his hand of high-class interactive watches: the Poker watch.