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Goldsmith by appointment to the Imperial Crown, Peter Carl Fabergé is ensured a place in the annals of history for his Imperial Easter Eggs. At the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, Peter Carl was forced to flee the country and his company was nationalised. For decades, the Fabergé name was associated with perfumes until the relaunch of the brand in 2007, and its takeover by Gemfields in 2013. Since then, Fabergé has returned to the spotlight as the creator of spectacular jewellery and timepieces.

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Gustav Fabergé opened a jewellery shop in St Petersburg which, forty years later, would be taken over by his son, Peter Carl.


Tzar Alexander III commissioned Fabergé to make an Easter Egg, the first of many, as a gift for the Empress.


The Fabergé family reacquired the rights to the Fabergé name, followed two years later by the launch of the "Les Fabuleuses" jewellery collection.


Fabergé presented its first watches. They included the Compliquée Peacock, winner of the Complicated Watch prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.