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TAG Heuer

Founded in Saint-Imier in 1860 by Édouard Heuer, the brand wins renownby being the originator of resounding inventions. In 1911, it develops the first chronograph designed for aeroplane and car operating panels. The year 1914 sees the birth of stopwatches. In 1985, its sporting stopwatches boast an accuracy of 100th of a second. At the heart of the LVMH Group, TAG Heuer constantly expand the limits of the possible.

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Heuer obtains a patent for the oscillating pinion.


Launch of the Carrera chronograph as a tribute to the celebrated "Carrera Panamericana" car race of the 1950's.


Birth of one of the future best-sellers of the brand: the legendary square chronograph christened Monaco.


In partnership with Intel and Google, TAG Heuer launches its first connected watch.