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An icon in the world of luxury goods, Hermès has been a feature of the world of watch-making since 1920. It honours ancestral trades such as hand engraving, translucent enamel and marquetry. In 1978, the La Montre Hermès SA company is charged with producing and marketing all the brand's collections. This led to the launch of models which were to become the great classics: Arceau, Clipper, Heure H and Dressage.

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Émile Hermès makes first the watch bracelet in his workshops for his daughter Jacqueline.


Birth of the Cadenas watch which follows the style of the famous Kelly bag.


Foundation of the La Montre Hermès SA company in Brügg close to Bienne, Switzerland.


Creation of the suspended Arceau Le temps watch which conceals the time and erases it from the dial while the movement still keeps going in the background.