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Displaying the time using fluids, this is the crazy challenge launched by HYT in 2002. Its watches integrate mechanisms which move liquid in a hydraulic circuit that goes around the dial, pumped by two vertical bellows. Created in 2012, the H1 remains a seminal piece for the brand and proves that liquid is not the number one enemy of a watch movement. It becomes the flagship of uninhibited, independent and creative watch-making, the HYT signature.

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First reflections on a watch with a liquid display.


Patrick Berdoz, Lucien Vouillamoz, Emmanuel Savioz and Vincent Perriard deliver the first sketches of a watch with a liquid display.


Birth of the H1, first watch with a liquid display, marking a break from conventional watch-making.


Advent of the Skull watch with a skull-shaped form to indicate the hours and seconds.